Sales Events & Themes for All Circumstances

Inventory Reduction Sale

This program designed to give the retailer who does not plan to close his doors "the shot in the arm" they may need to catch up with aging expenses or liquidate stale inventory! These programs are typically shorter events than our other promotional sales but are intended to keep overhead down and work on a bit shorter margin so the owner can realize cash fast!

Retirement Sale

This program will allow the retailer to send the message of Going Out of Business without actually ever closing their doors. A well used program in a seasoned location, this program allows the owner to leave his operation with dignity and respect, and if the operation is to continue after his/her exit it will also allow the groundwork for an "Under New Management" promotional sale, etc... Results will vary based upon years in business, reputation, etc...

Relocation Sale

This program designed solely for the owner who is looking to expand or enhance their current operation. This will allow the immediate liquidation of inventory so that the owner will not incur the tremendous expenses to transport and potentially damage goods. Also allowing the retailer to be able to purchase new inventory for a fresh start at their new location.

Store Closing Promotional Sale

This program can help you achieve and maximize results with out actually going out of business, but works best in a multiple store situation. We have found two to three times of yearly sales volumes at most of these events.

Going Out Of Business Sale

With out a doubt in today's economic climate this is a program which will ensure maximized results! We have tracked 3 to 4 times sales volumes at ninety percent of our Going Out of Business sales. This will allow you to turn your inventory and fixtures into cash as fast as possible.

Bankruptcy Sale

This program being the most complicated of the promotional sales we offer can also be one of the most successful. Terms and conditions will vary base upon the retailer's specific situation. There are many advantages to a bankruptcy sale, one being the length of time it can be ran. Further information on this program can be discussed at the time of inquiry.