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About us

Solutions Consulting Group are professionals with over twenty-five years of experience in retail liquidation and promotional sales. Our staff has years of experience in high impact sales. All of our management team has managed (or in most cases, owned and operated) their own retail furniture or billiard/patio stores.

What we do best

Our industry is in trying times. If you are like many retailers in the United States or Canada, you are inventory "rich" -- too many goods and not enough customers. And increased costs have crippled retailer and customer alike. At this time, what makes the most sense for you, the business owner, and for your family?

Remember that a good percentage of people are still in a position to spend. But before customers part with their hard-earned dollars, they need to be convinced of the value of what you are selling.

Good news! These are the situations that we handle best at Solutions Consulting Group. SCG will work with you every step of the way:

supervising internal operations

developing and executing marketing plans

organizing and streamlining operations

and most importantly, consulting expertise to bring security to you and your family.

SCG success

Solutions Consulting Group has been tracking great results with a typical average of one year's worth of business in twelve weeks time, with an increased profit margin of at least eight points -- and in some cases, as high as fifteen!

Combine these two sales variables and let SCG help your inventory go from a liability to a CASH asset within eight to twelve short weeks!